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Bernie Sanders, Barbara Lee, and Jovanka Beckles

Sen. Bernie Sanders Endorses Jovanka Beckles for AD 15

"I was impressed by her commitment to progressive values. In the State Assembly, she will fight for Medicare for all, a living wage for all California workers, environmental justice and criminal justice reform. I’m proud to support Jovanka Beckles in the 15th Assembly district."

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People Over Profit

As a children's mental health professional for Contra Costa County for decades, I've seen how the lives of our kids and their families can be transformed. As a two-term Richmond City Councilmember and long-time leader in the Richmond Progressive Alliance, I've experienced how working people can organize their community, overcome corporate control, and build a better future. Now I am running for the California State Assembly to transform our state government to work for people, not profit.

Billionaires and corporations buy elections to maintain their own power, sabotaging working people's interests. That is why I have never taken contributions from corporations or billionaires, and never will.

Please join my campaign to win a California for the many, not the few.

"This election is bigger than any particular personality running for AD15.

This election is outside-of-the-district money from the one percent versus a people-powered movement to hold politicians accountable.

Today, Jovanka is the leader of that movement in AD-15."

Rochelle Pardue-Okimoto, El Cerrito Mayor Pro Tem

My Platform

Housing for All

Housing for All

I will fight to win housing for people, not for profit.

Healthcare for All

Healthcare for All

We need a healthcare system that serves individual and community needs, not corporate profits.

Fully-Funded Public Education

Fully-Funded Public Education

Every person in California, no matter their zip code or their family's wealth, should be able to have an excellent public education.

Stronger Wages, Benefits, and the Power to Organize

Stronger Wages, Benefits, and the Power to Organize

In the Assembly I will fight for all working Californians to have the pay, benefits, and workplace power they deserve.

Public Safety and Justice for All

Public Safety and Justice for All

In the Assembly, I will fight for violence prevention through social programs, gun control, and stronger police accountability, and for an end to mass incarceration.

Healthy Environment for All

Healthy Environment for All

We need urgent action to fight climate change and provide a beautiful, healthy environment for everyone in California.


Jovanka's campaign would not be possible without the generous donations from supporters like you!


Jovanka Beckles For State Assembly

Jovanka Beckles Thrilled 92-year-old Lela Madison Will Be Home

On grounds of irregularities in the eviction process, Mrs. Madison petitioned the court to reverse the eviction. On Tuesday, August 21, Mrs. Madison won a court order from Judge Benjamin Reyes that ensured her right to return home.

Oakland Post

Former Rivals Endorse Jovanka Beckles in Assembly District 15 Race

Jovanka Beckles, candidate for the State Assembly District 15, is heading into the November run-off with endorsements of a number of her rivals in the June primary.

Beacon Broadside

Can a California Refinery Town Heroine Beat Big Money In Politics Again?

The "corporate money free/people power" candidate from Richmond placed second on June 5, thanks to a largely volunteer-run campaign like Ocasio-Cortez's and a Sanders-style small donor base.

East Bay Times

Opinion: It’s time to stand up for Assembly District 15

There is a battle on all over the country between corporate Democrats and corporate-free, people-powered, locally-based candidates. It’s happening here, too.


Our Revolution
Richmond Progressive Alliance
California Labor Federation
Sierra Club
International Federation of Teamsters
California Federation of Teachers
American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees
California Nurses Association
National Union of Healthcare Workers
Amalgamated Transit Union
Service Employees International Union
International Federation of Professional & Technical Engineers

Campaign Offices

Berkeley Office

815 Jones St., Berkeley, CA 94710
  • Monday: 2 p.m.–6 p.m.
  • Tuesday: 2 p.m.–6 p.m.
  • Wednesday: 2 p.m.–8 p.m.
  • Thursday: 2 p.m.–6 p.m.
  • Friday: 2 p.m.–6 p.m.
  • Saturday: 11 a.m.–5 p.m.
  • Sunday: 11 a.m.–7 p.m.

Richmond Office

2540 Macdonald Ave., Richmond, CA 94804
  • Monday: 12 p.m.–8 p.m.
  • Tuesday: 12 p.m.–8 p.m.
  • Wednesday: 12 p.m.–8 p.m.
  • Thursday: 12 p.m.–8 p.m.
  • Friday: Closed
  • Saturday: 1 p.m.–6 p.m.
  • Sunday: 12 p.m.–7 p.m.

Assembly District 15

Jovanka Beckles

I am running for the California State Assembly to transform our state government to work for people, not profit. Join me and our movement to build a California that works for the many, not the few.