My Hopes for the New Year

Happy New Year!

After a 2017 filled with divisive policies and hateful rhetoric, my resolution for 2018 is to continue the resistance in California. I resolve to advance the fight for progressive policies that create change and lift up working families, renters, educators and students.

2017 was also full of activism and profound shows of caring for one another. I resolve to support those who actively participate in civil discourse and demonstrations of community at its best. We are better together.

As Vice Mayor of Richmond I resolve to continue to help break down barriers for high school students to go to college, for all residents to have access to quality healthcare and ensure adequate funds are spent on our children's future. If elected to represent Assembly District 15, I would take this fight to break down these barriers and to focus on California's housing crisis and economic inequality, to Sacramento.

Many doubters call our progressive goals "unattainable" and "unrealistic promises". The reality is that together we have attained much. We have raised the minimum wage, expanded parental leave, banned the box on job applications and fought for sanctuary locations and more. 

I have big hopes for you, our communities and myself in 2018, but I cannot accomplish my resolutions without your support! Will you join my campaign by donating your time, attending a house party or making a financial contribution


Jovanka Beckles

I am running for the California State Assembly to transform our state government to work for people, not profit. Join me and our movement to build a California that works for the many, not the few.