May 11, 2017: Celebrating Nurses this week, and every week

This second week in May is National Nurses Week, and I am proud to have supported nurses across California by co-sponsoring the Richmond City Council’s resolution to support SB 562, the Healthy California Act.

"As a Richmond resident I'm very proud of the City Council for showing leadership on this issue and passing the resolution in support of SB 562," said Pam Ramirez, a retired registered nurse and member of the California Nurses Association. "I've seen the suffering caused by our nation's poor excuse for a healthcare system from many different vantage points, as an RN, a single-mother, a diabetes patient.

CA Nurses are currently campaigning throughout the state in support of the Healthy California Act because all Californians deserve comprehensive healthcare and access to life saving medication and treatments. It was an honor to join the CA Nurses Association (CNA) in Sacramento last month to support SB 562 at the first hearing on the bill. I am thankful for CNA and their work to keep our families, friends and communities healthy.

With Trump and the Republicans in Congress trying to gut what little healthcare we have, it is essential for California to take these steps quickly. California has the eyes of the nation on us, as we fight for healthcare for all. 

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Jovanka Beckles

I am running for the California State Assembly to transform our state government to work for people, not profit. Join me and our movement to build a California that works for the many, not the few.