June 1, 2017: ACCE Action Stands With Jovanka

The Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) Action is proud to endorse Richmond Vice Mayor Jovanka Beckles campaign for Assembly District 15 because she has stood with us, fighting for immigrant rights, racial justice reform and a livable wage for almost a decade.

You could find Jovanka standing side by side with local hourly workers calling for a livable wage in Richmond and California, or collecting signatures to put Measure L on the Richmond ballot to ensure all Richmond renters have permanent Rent Control and just cause eviction protections. She has shown up time and again for the communities that need help, and she consistently kept her word to these communities as she voted for progressive policies as a Richmond City Councilmember.

ACCE Action members know that as an Assemblymember, Jovanka, would not bend to the influence of well-funded corporate interests. We need more politicians in Sacramento who are not only progressive in name, but can produce progressive policies that benefit our communities.

Jovanka has been a tireless advocate for the communities we serve and we are excited to endorse her corporate cash free, people powered campaign for Assembly District 15.

In Solidarity,

Virginia Ramirez, ACCE Action 


Jovanka Beckles

I am running for the California State Assembly to transform our state government to work for people, not profit. Join me and our movement to build a California that works for the many, not the few.