Get to know Jovanka, her plans for AD15 and her accomplishments in Richmond! Our campaign house parties are the perfect venues to become familiar with Jovanka's campaign and meet her supporters. 

Want to host a house party for Jovanka and introduce her to your neighbors and network? Email and the campaign will reach out to coordinate! 

  • Jovanka’s Holiday Soirée

    Celebrate the holidays with Team Jovanka as we celebrate all we’ve accomplished since we launched in May! We invite our friends, family, and supporters to join us for a beautiful night. 

    Contribution Levels

    Revolutionary      $4,400
    Progressive   $2,500
    Activist   $500
    Organizer   $200
    Radical/Berniecrat   $27 (individual ticket)


    Host committee in formation. To join the host committee, please e-mail Devin Murphy at

    Donations of any amount appreciated. We’re a people-powered campaign. No one will be turned away.

    See you there! 

    Saturday, December 09, 2017 at 06:00 PM · $27.00 USD · 1 rsvp
    1 RSVPs
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